About Us

Nicky Cassidy


Nicky is a qualified and experienced English teacher. She has extensive experience in teaching creative writing to primary and secondary students and has specialist training in Story Writing as Therapy.  

An experienced English Examiner, she is fully aware of the skills required by today's curriculum but also seeks to reignite an excitement about being playful with language and stories.

A passionate writer herself, she exudes enthusiasm for the written word and leaves a constant ripple of inspired young people in her wake!

Nicky is a member of Lapidus and NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education).

Our Workshops


Our workshops involve exploring stories, poems and plays for pure enjoyment but also in order to learn the skills of building believable characters and settings. We look at film and drama to develop dialogue and script writing. 

We play endless word games to expand our vocabulary and love of language. As a group, we look at our own life stories and use them to weave new narratives and develop our empathy. Ultimately, we recognise the power of stories - the ones we tell ourselves and the ones we tell others.

Workshops are currently for 8-14 year olds and run term time only.



At The Words, young people will be able to share their love of stories, discover many that they never knew and begin to find their own writing voice. If you can write well, you tend to think well and this has benefits in both academic and emotional development. 

Having a voice helps you grow in confidence, self awareness and creativity. Having a writing habit helps you to be more curious than fearful, more empathetic and more reflective - all important life skills. This is all as well as having loads of fun!